Wanna Be A Stock Market Millionaire?

stock market millionaire

Do you want to become an elite ‘member’ of the STOCK MARKET MILLIONAIRES club?  There is no secret that will have you swimming in money in a few months, but over time, you can become very wealthy.  There is no sign-up and no obligation  This is just me sharing my method for becoming a stock market millionaire with you to help you become one too!

Curriculum for Future Stock Market Millionaires

The truth is that it is not that difficult.  In fact, a set of 7 lessons will teach you everything you need to know (below).  Each full lesson can be found by clicking below or in the STOCK MARKET MILLIONAIRES CURRICULUM to the right.

1. Decide to Become a Stock Market Millionaire

Only the tiniest fraction of people become successful purely by accident.  In fact, few even inherit their wealth.  The vast majority DECIDE to become millionaires and make it happen over time.  The only difference between you and them is the deciding part.  You can in fact do it too!

2. Stock Market Analogy

Becoming a millionaire in the stock market is little more than recognizing highs and lows.  In fact, it isn’t much different than buying food at the grocery store.  You already have an idea of what is “cheap” and “expensive.”  So, you can apply the same idea to effectively and profitably trade stocks.

3. How to Know When to Buy

It’s not always easy to determine when you should buy a particular stock.  However, if you find a “stable” company, with the right history, you greatly reduce your risk.  The truth is that this is not such a daunting task.

4. Stock Analysis Using Charts

A chart of a stock’s performance is your single most important asset in your journey to becoming a millionaire.  You can utilize charts to effectively determine what stocks to buy and which to sell.  Other information is not unhelpful, but only a footnote to historical performance.

5. Better Than Dollar Cost Averaging- Cutting Losses

So, what if I pick a stock and it goes down?  Buy more!  Don’t follow the crowd and back out at the first sign of trouble.  Instead, make an even bigger profit by investing even more into what is now an even better deal.  Over time, this will pay off, but only if you are willing to weather the storm.’

6. Additional Trading Strategies

The previous lessons will teach you everything you need to know to become a stock market millionaire.  However, there are a few strategies that you don’t want to ignore completely.  Occasionally another method may be worth considering.

7. Extra Tips for Investing

There are some absolute do’s and mostly do not’s when it comes to investing.  While the lessons tell you everything you need to know, you could still err on a technicality.  If you follow these rules, you will additionally reduce your risk while increasing your eventual bottom line.

8. Review

This is just a synopsis of everything you learned in lessons 1-6.  It won’t mean a lot if you have not read through each lesson.

The MarketMadeEasy in Book Form

How I ‘Joined’ the Stock Market Millionaires Club

My discovery of the stock market occurred in 2000, shortly after getting married.  I wanted to prepare for my future and investing online was taking hold.  However, I didn’t know what to buy and why.  Having a background in applied mathematics and a graduate degree in business, I was looking to develop a “formula” to help me make stock market trading decisions.  Of course, I also wanted it to be as fool-proof and simple as possible.

What I Found

Through my studies I discovered that there are perhaps thousands of ways to invest.  However, none really follow a specific formula that is consistent every time.  My most important realization however, was that there are only two ways to lose money in the stock market.  First, the company goes bankrupt.  Second, you sell your shares.

What I Realized

I realized that if I could find companies that were nearly guaranteed NOT to go bankrupt and if I kept buying shares when the stock went down, and only sold when I make a profit, then I was mathematically guaranteed to make money…eventually.  This was the catch.  I had and still have, lots of time, so I’m happy to wait.  After all, I’d much rather wait 10 years to triple my money than make 10% every year.

In fact, both are better options than what a lot of folks do.  They buy when everyone is excited, just before the fall.  Next, they get scared and sell for a loss.  Finally, they broadcast to all of their friends and family about how the stock market is no different than a casino.  I couldn’t be that guy, so I also had to follow a few simple financial rules.  After all, how could I become rich if I was playing stupid with my money in the first place?  That is certainly not the game plan of stock market millionaires!

I Want Others to Become Stock Market Millionaires Too

Personally. I am always skeptical when someone wants to give something away.  This is especially true when the something promises great wealth.  Perhaps this site is the only one that doesn’t have a “catch,” but I assure you there is none.  The information is FREE and the system works.  You have nothing to lose, but the prospect of riches untold.  Just promise me that in exchange for this FREE information, you will help someone else do the same when you are wealthy.