Anthony Neglia, President of Tower Trading, recently spoke on the subject of silver investing.  He says that he is taking an “observing” attitude, and “sidelining” as all sorts of stories that are taking place with silver pricing.  Despite a conservative commentary provided by Neglia to The Street TV, he did manage to say one thing we don’t already know.

According to Neglia, silver is being though of as an industrial metal currently.  But it could change back to an investment metal at any time.  He says that listeners should pay close attention to the volume of trading.  The price alone is not enough.  If there is a sudden volume increase, you might expect a significant price change.  Anthony Neglia is just one of many financial experts who are hesitant to say something definite about silver or gold performance.  As in the nature of the investment market, they are unstable.  The economy changes and thus the price and demand for precious metals likewise changes.

Silver vs. Gold

Yes, silver is in a unique market position.  It is not as expensive as gold, and thus could function as an investment metal for lower-income families.  Despite silver’s low price, it does protect families against inflation, and currency problems, as it is inherently more valuable than paper currency (which is only valuable based on the country’s financial position).

On the other hand, silver is in high demand when it comes to industrial use.  In fact, it is primarily seen as an industrial metal, and not an investment metal.  Therefore it fluctuates greatly, and this also means regular price reductions.  Now is the best time to buy—while silver is low.

Part of silver investing involves knowing when to buy, when to sell and when to hold on to your precious silver.  Therefore, if you have extra cash, then consider precious metals investing.  You never lose the investment, besides a commission fee, since your silver retains value through the years.  You simply convert your cash (which is never safe in a bank anyway) into metal and can either store it on an offshore account or keep it on your own property.

Look to the Pros

If you need help in this matter, do not hesitate to contact a coin dealer for silver investing tips.  This professional can help you determine what your next move is and whether coin or bullion is the best option for you.  You can even purchase coinage or bullion metal online!