Forex is about foreign currency exchange and is available to anyone. Read on to discover the basics of Forex, and some ways you can make money by trading. There is certainly no lack of good information related to how to get started with Forex online. Don’t keep yourself in the dark. Give yourself the knowledge you need to be successful. If you find it confusing at any point then join Forex forums and find out what insight you can gain from others with more experience.

The Foreign Exchange Markets

Before I even get going on how to get started with Forex, understand that the Foreign Exchange is not one central market. Thousands of trading entities including international and US banks, as well as private and commercial companies make up the Forex.  There are also brokerage firms that only do trading in Forex.

There have been changes in trading regulations that make trading in the foreign exchange possible for smaller investors. If you are new to Forex, I recommend you spend some time using a practice platform to gain knowledge and experience with the Forex world and how this market works. There are plenty of online Forex tutorials for beginners that will help you understand the basics. Equip yourself with the right knowledge before starting a real trade.

Your online Forex trading program will have charts that broken out into four hour intervals.  Practice monitoring the markets in short terms, like 15 minute intervals as well as longer time frames.

Get Started with Forex Trading Using Canadian Dollars

Many people consider currency from Canada as a low risk in Forex trading. Trading in foreign currencies is more challenging than trading in stocks because currency value and events within the country affect each other.  Current social and economic events are always going on in that country. This is less true in Canada where currency values don’t fluctuate a whole lot. Canadian money usually trends in a similar fashion to the U.S. dollar, making it a sound investment.

When choosing your Forex software, be sure to find one that is able to analyze the current market. This can be an important tool in your arsenal, signaling which currencies are ripe for trading. Make use of online sources, like customer reviews, to ensure the software has a high rating.

There’s almost no limit to the avenues available for finding out Forex trading news. Try using Google alerts to deliver news about Forex to your mailbox as it happens.  You can choose once a day, but if you choose to receive the alert “as it happens” you’ll receive the email at the same time the news hits the Internet.

Some traders specialize in Forex trading exclusively. One big benefit of trading in the Forex market is that the market is open 24-hours a day.  Well, that may not be a benefit if you worry too much about monitoring your positions.  The Foreign Exchange is trades five days of the week.  Just be sure to use patience and make smart decisions.

Another great point is that it is really easy to move in and out of positions. The currency market is very liquid.  You can liquidate a position Monday through Friday at any hour of the day.  That’s the beauty of Forex.  Unlike specific stocks, currency is always in demand.