If you are relatively new to the world of investing in penny stocks or using penny stocks recommendations services you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Heck, I know I did when I first started out.  When I first began trading Penny Stocks. I knew virtually nothing about investing and certainly couldn’t distinguish between the dogs and the best penny stocks! In fact, I wasn’t even interested. All I knew was that my best friend from college was quietly making an absolute killing on some hot penny stocks picks.

It looked easy. It was obvious then that he would be living the dream one day.  He no longer had to worry about all the money he had invested in his own education and could now afford starting a college fund for his daughter.  I was still living the life of a student but realized that I couldn’t flip burgers forever and I decided If my pal could do it so could I.

As a slightly lazy investor, I learned the hard way that identifying the best penny stocks requires serious digging.  You need to know what makes the best penny stock valuable in the first place. Finding that information can take a lot of time and effort.  My pal is the sort of guy who revels in researching. He’ll analyze his penny stocks watch list to the smallest detail. I prefer spending time at the beach to reading complicated spreadsheets, so I decided to use a penny stocks recommendation service. I’ll tell you which one at the bottom of this article.

“How hard can it be to Pick the Right Penny Stocks To Invest In…”

There are a few basic aspects of penny stock trading that I had to learn the hard way.   I am kind of a stubborn freebie seeker .  It really wasn’t until I invested in some proper stock trading education that I started to see some money.  One of the best ways to get seriously burnt is to rely completely on information about a Penny stock company posted in a chat room or other dubious source. Chat rooms are great places to fall victim to the pump and dump merchants.  What you really need is in-depth analysis on the penny stock company and it’s penny share history. This isn’t easy if you are a lazy guy like me. Failing to gather good information is a great way to lose the family silver by investing in a pack of dogs.

Maybe Get Direction from Experts?

There are plenty of reputable companies out there funded through penny stock issues.  However, there are at least as many turkeys offering little or negative movement.  I’ve never been too keen on spending hours analyzing free information when all you really want to know is which stocks to pick.  One way to gather information is to sweep the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB), the Pink Sheets Stocks or the Internet for a free penny stock list? But in my experience, a free stock list is worth a lot less than you actually pay for it.  The free lists always cost you in the long run. It’s worth remembering where there a tip there’s a tap…unless you pay for a reliable tip.

Despite being best friends since the second grade I realized fairly soon after I started that sharing information is not something traders do willingly.  Most guard it jealously and give out the odd real tip only grudgingly.  However, I found one service I really like and has made me a boatload of money.  It is by a guy named Jason Bond and he gives you his hottest trade ideas.  He is so good that I’m promoting him here and I don’t even make any money by doing it.  So, sign up with him and start making your own money!